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The Fragile Heart: Chapter 2 - Intergalactical Frisbee [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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The Fragile Heart: Chapter 2 [Jul. 27th, 2007|02:09 pm]
Intergalactical Frisbee


Title: The Fragile Heart
Author: Tomia
Rating: R

Tom couldn’t remember what happened last night. He sat at breakfast with Danny, Harry, Dougie, and Vera, keeping up his perky act.

“Tom must’ve had a really great time last night, eh, Thomas?” Danny asked. “Drinking it all down like a warrior!”

Harry slapped Tom’s back with approval. “We never thought you’d drink so much!”

“Really?” Vera asked, with a look of surprise and mock offense. “That’s what you’ve been doing? Drinking with the boys?”

“Ooh, he’s in trouble now, isn’t he?” Danny teased.

“What? It was all in good fun,” Tom said, though not sure of himself. He knew he had hurt Vera in some way or another.

“And you leave me all alone at night, Fletcher. What kind of boyfriend are you?”

Vera said this in a light-hearted way, and although Tom ate a lot, his stomach felt really empty, and he was feeling nauseous. The other three boys continued their “ooooh’s”.

Then Vera got up from her chair and left the table, ruffling Tom’s hair as she passed by. “I’ll be upstairs when you’re ready to make up,” she said in a playful tone.

“I’d be right behind her, if I were you,” said Dougie, and the other two laughed along with him.

“What did I do last night?” Tom asked suddenly, the burning question finally let out.

Danny, Dougie, and Harry all looked at each other quizzically.

“We just drank, mate,” Harry said. “You drank loads. You passed out. We took you home. That was it.”

“And that was all? Are you sure?”

“We were with you the whole time,” added Dougie, shrugging.

Tom swallowed a huge sigh of relief, and simply nodded. He was trying very hard to keep them from suspecting something.

“You worried you shagged someone without you knowing?” Danny asked.

Tom let out a hollow laugh. That was exactly what he was worrying about. He hasn’t been himself the past few weeks, it was likely he could’ve done that very thing.

“Well, I’m off to the upstairs,” Tom said, getting out of his seat casually.

“Off to shag someone with you knowing?” Dougie asked, but Tom kept on walking, relieved that nothing had happened last night. The guilt was still there, and he needed to get rid of it somehow.

He walked up the stairs, seeing that the bedroom door was closed. He was beginning to pant now, his heart beating faster, now with only one thing on his mind.

Throwing the door open, he found her standing at the edge of the bed. Without warning, he put his hands on her head and locked his lips with hers, pushing her onto the bed.

Vera was totally caught off-guard, but she went along with it. She took the ends of his shirt and quickly pulled it over his head, staring deep into his brown eyes over hers. He looked as though he missed her as much as she missed him, which was more than enough for her.

They both sat up, Tom quickly taking her shirt and panties off, then gently kissing her. She smiled with her eyes closed, feeling the tickling pleasure of his lips on her neck.

Then she fell back onto the bed, taking shirtless Tom with her. And then he was on top of her, their bodies intertwined, slowly rocking back and forth against each other. Tom was speechless, feeling her hands holding onto his back, not caring if the other boys were still downstairs hearing her cries.

Tom groaned and rolled off of her, panting hard, his heart still beating fast. Vera gently touched his cheek with her fingertips, running them down to his chest. He looked at her, and she smiled at him, edging closer to him to feel his warm body against hers.

“I love you,” she said, looking deep into his eyes.

“And I love you,” he replied truthfully with one more kiss, and she snuggled closer.

Tom stared at the ceiling as she closed her eyes and dozed off. The guilt was still there.

[User Picture]From: pwned_spit
2007-07-28 02:22 am (UTC)
SO excited to see where this goes. Loves it.
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