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The Fragile Heart: Chapter 4 [Jul. 29th, 2007|02:52 pm]
Intergalactical Frisbee


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Title: The Fragile Heart
Author: Tomia
Rating: R
Comment: I'm being a post whore. Sorry. XD


Faith brushed her long, black hair away from her eyes and put the eraser of her pencil to her lips, trying to figure out what the protagonist of the story should look like. She knew she wanted him to be male, but what would he look like, exactly?

A male figure slowly surfaced in her mind, and she wrote down his description. He had to be tall, skinny, somewhat muscular, with pale skin, rosy cheeks, hair died blond… pleading brown eyes…

Faith stopped writing and stared at her description. Memories flashed into her mind… her hand moving up his chest…both of them breathing heavily… his lips running all over…

Then she blinked, and the memory disappeared. It was just a week ago when it happened, though she had no recollection of it the morning after. She found herself naked on a stranger’s bed, only wrapped in a blanket.

But she did it with him, she knew it—and she wanted to bury that memory as deeply as possible.

“Is this the end for McFly? Second album fails to reach the top 20,” announced the newscaster on the television in the café.. “The vocals are still there, but the lyrics are going nowhere!”

Faith looked up at the telly, seeing a picture of him, with physical features just as she had written down. It was just one night, she thought to herself. Just one party…


“Wanna go to the gig?” Erin asked her on the night of the party.

Faith looked at her and shrugged. After all, it was before the party, and she would rather be out and about than write the beginning of yet another rejected story.

“My friend told me this band was really good,” Erin said on the way there. “They’re called McFly.”

Faith turned her head to Erin with a start. “Did you just say ‘McFly’?”

“What did you think I said?”

Butterflies swirled furiously, nervously in Faith’s stomach. It was another coincidental event that she was going to see Tom again, a fact that she finally confessed to Erin. But was it really a coincidence?

“You have to talk to him,” was Erin’s response, and Faith bit her lip. Not the answer she was hoping for.

“I was hoping for more of a ‘You’re not over Michael. Avoid any signs of male attraction’ kind of answer.”

“But you can’t deny that he’s attractive.”


The last couple of weeks had been unbearable for Tom. Nothing was going right in the recording booth, and they were pressed for time on finishing their second album. Vera was patient and supportive about all this, but she still managed to argue with him for just about every other little thing.

The crowd that night was great, Tom thought. There were their signature screaming fans who danced wildly, but there were also fans who were a lot older and tame, who just nodded their heads to the music with appreciation.

And what made it more interesting was the familiar face in the front row, giving him involuntary chills as she watched him play, move, and sing. It all made him forget about the other problems that burdened him.

But when he got to singing the first chorus of “Too Close For Comfort,” he noticed her eyes streaming with tears. He kept on singing, but felt his heart break a little as she covered her face with her hands. It was just like the moment when he first saw her. Her friend next to her put her arm around her.

And by the time Danny ended his verse, she and her friend turned to leave the floor. If he could, he would have jumped off the stage and asked her to stay. He wanted to know what brought her to sudden sadness

“Guess I’ll never know…” he sang at the end, suddenly feeling that the crowd was no longer appealing to him.

Erin and Faith drove around town until the gig was over. Faith kept insisting she was okay, but after hearing them play a new song that began with the cheesy, love mushy lyrics “It’s all about you” she felt it was time to get away.

The party started at midnight. Harry, Dougie, Danny, and Tom each reached for a bottle of beer. They sat together in silence at first, all knowing that they didn’t do so well that night, even if the crowd was very supportive. The first single of their new album didn’t even reach the top fifty in the singles charts. Who knew what they’re album would be like…

Still, they all kept their spirits high. Danny wasn’t too depressed to ask for two more beers, and Harry and Dougie found the pleasure of tickling each other.

Tom, however, couldn’t see how they could still be this way.

“Hey, love,” said Vera when he called her, though he really didn’t feel like talking to her at the moment. “You alright?”

At this point, Faith and Erin entered the house, walking into a relaxed environment. People were sitting on the couch or standing all around the living room, engaging in small talk with drinks in their hands.

“See? Pretty tame,” Erin said.

“I want a beer,” said Faith, not surprising Erin, though it was unexpected for her to say that.

At that point, she saw three boys of McFly scattering to find girls to chat up, but only to get away from Tom, who appeared to be having a heated argument over the phone.

“There’s your man,” said Erin, both of them watching Tom disappear behind the kitchen door after throwing his phone to the ground. “You better follow him.”

“You know what, Erin? If you’re so interested in him, why don’t you follow him?”

“Of course I’m interested, but the signs are all pointing him to you. Go talk to him.”

Faith finished the last of her bottle, never having downed a bottle so fast in her life, and made her way to the kitchen, passing by Danny and Dougie, who didn’t notice her walking by. She picked up the phone from the floor and went in.

[User Picture]From: pwned_spit
2007-07-29 11:20 pm (UTC)
And so it begins.


::fists in air::
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From: applelipgl0ss
2007-07-29 11:54 pm (UTC)

i'm still very torn, but i want mooooore, yo.
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[User Picture]From: snips_x
2007-08-01 05:00 pm (UTC)

i'm on vaca &reading past friends entries so idk if you updated another chapter after this, of course knowing you you did <3
but i can't help but feel that vera is just this nagging force at home that i just want to STFUUUU bc faith is kewl'r.
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